Zambia Photographic Safari

When considering Africa’s most spectacular wildlife destinations, Zambia rightly holds a place amongst the very best. From mighty flowing rivers and sandbank islands to vast open plains and rich woodland. Above all else, the sheer density of wildlife found in Zambia’s iconic South Luangwa National Park makes it a photographer’s dream.

I have put together an exceptional itinerary in partnership with Africa Exclusive that places us in truly remote surroundings, right in the heart of the action. We will spend eight nights split between Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Camp, both of which are small owner-run camps, located in the remote north of the South Luangwa, bordering the extremely game-rich Nsefu Sector - a notorious big cat stronghold.

Each camp is specifically set up to cater for keen photographers, with expert local guides joining us and a collection of photographic hides perfectly concealed both on land, at ground level and on the water in a variety of wildlife hotspots. Some of these are even accessible straight from both camps, and so (for those happy to forgo a siesta!), are the ideal place to while away a few hours in the afternoon. Hiding just a short distance away, wildlife can smell you, yet can’t see you, allowing for the perfect shot as the animals lock their gaze directly at your lens.

In order to take advantage of the heightened game viewing experience at the end of the Southern African dry season, this safari will run through mid-October. At this time, grasses are at their lowest, the bush is considerably less dense, and due to the lack of rain, wildlife is drawn towards the limited permanent water sources.

Our first camp, Kaingo, is located on the Luangwa River itself, while our second camp Mwamba is situated right next to “The Last Waterhole”. As the name suggests, this is a wildlife magnet towards the end of the dry season and where the Mwamba lion pride and the resident female leopard are often found lurking to ambush prey animals coming down to drink. Better yet, both Kaingo and Mwamba have strategically positioned hides by the river and waterhole respectively that you can visit straight from camp - quite simply a photographic nirvana!

A truly memorable experience I assure you! I look forward to seeing you in Zambia!



Zambia Photographic Safaris

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