As you know, I have spent many years focussing on the fascinating big cats of Kenya and I have now begun to explore the captivating wildlife in other destinations around the globe. The elusive tigers of India have always intrigued me and this itinerary combines these magnificent beasts with the leopards of Jawai creating an all-encompassing big cat experience in some of the most exclusive locations in India.

We will begin in the park with the highest concentration of tigers anywhere in the world – Bandhavgarh National Park. Samode Safari Lodge, the best in the area, is ideally located to access the most wildlife-rich areas. Four nights here will give you ample opportunity to see the tiger in its natural jungle habitat, with most visitors seeing tigers at least once during their stay and many, on a daily basis at this time of year.

From here we will journey to the incomparable Jawai Camp in the Jawai Bandh area – a wildlife haven and a leopard hotspot. In stark contrast with the jungles of Bandhavgarh, this mountainous land of lakes and open forest will give you a very different experience, but with the same big cat photography focus. Unlike the vast majority of Indian safari lodges, Jawai is located in the heart of a private wilderness area, and so will provide an experience more similar to that of an African safari, with the possibility of wildlife wandering past or through the camp, and with safaris beginning the moment you drive out of camp. You will likely see more leopard here, more frequently, and against more spectacular backdrops than you have anywhere in Africa.

All of our game drives in Bandhavgarh and Jawai will be conducted privately throughout giving us the absolute flexibility and control required for more serious wildlife photography. The most experienced guides will accompany us each day, which will be of great benefit in terms of the wildlife guiding and tracking itself. We will also ensure these local guides are keen photographers themselves and have a strong understanding of the finer nuances of positioning and lighting required for optimum photographic conditions.

Throughout the itinerary, the group of six will enjoy game drives in two private vehicles. This will ensure that each of you will have ample space and flexibility to best cater to your photographic needs.

Spaces on this trip are limited, with a maximum of six guests able to join the group. We have provisionally held dates in March 2020 as detailed and we have also held identical dates in March 2021 for those that need to plan further in advance. Should you have a need to take a larger group you often travel with and/or require a private trip at a different time of year then it is also possible that we can organize another very similar trip at an alternative time, tailored to your requirements.

I look forward to seeing you in India!

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