Our experienced naturalists with over 20 years of guiding experience, will host and guide you during your stay at any one of your chosen wildlife destinations. These safaris are designed to give you the ultimate wildlife and wilderness experience with a flavor of comfort and exclusivity. Game drive vehicles will seat 4four to five people per car and are equipped with on board refreshments. Accommodation can either be in established game lodges in luxury mobile-tented camps with flush toilets. These safaris will be run as group trips with fixed dates. There will be a maximum of eight people in each group.

Specialised Photographic and Filming Safaris

Renown Wildlife TV Documentary Cameraman, Photographer, and Naturalist – Warren Samuels, will guide you up close and personal to Africa's Big Cats and Elephants, and coach you on improving on your filming and photographic skills. This safari lets people experience what being a wildlife cameraman is all about, the anticipation, the patience, getting the ultimate shot, and then finally the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that follows! Warren's keen photographic eye and his unique ability to accurately interpret animal behavior, allows him to anticipate the animal's next move ensuring that you get into the best position for the perfect image. Accommodation will be in luxury mobile-tented camps with flush toilets. Game drive vehicles will seat four people per car and will be equipped with small camera window mounts for mounting video or stills cameras on. These safaris will be run as group trips with fixed dates and, or, privately run trips at any selected time of the year, catering for one person or a maximum number of eight people. Private guiding offers a more “One on One”, experience with Warren.

Deep Sea Fishing Safaris

The Kenyan Coast is reputed to have some of the best Big game fishing in the world, Broadbill Swordfish; Black, Blue and Striped Marlin; Sailfish; along with numerous other pelagic. It is internationally recognized that Kenya offers the best chance in the world of a ‘fantasy slam' 5 different Billfish in one day! There is a wide variety of angling, including overnight trips to North Kenya Banks for Broadbill, Marlin, ‘big tuna' and Shark Also on offer is inshore fishing for Marlin, Sailfish and many other game fish; fly fishing for the Sailfish, Tuna etc; reef fishing for Trevally, Barracuda, etc and bottom fishing for a multitude of species. The fishing season starts in July and runs until the end of April. The prime time for the ‘big Tuna' is the August to the end of October, Broadbill Swordfish and Black Marlin are caught all season, blues and stripeys in February /March and Sailfish are plentiful all year round. In addition, a multitude of pelagic and reef fish are abundant all year round.Wildvision Adventures deep sea activities


Many of the resorts and hotels offer a host of activities such as deep-sea fishing, inshore fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, windsurfing, Ocean kayaking, kite surfing, water ski-ing, and mountain biking. There are also bird watching excursions on Mida Creek, the Sabaki Delta and in the Arabuko-Sokoke forest. Also on offer, are sundowner cruises on old Arab dhows toasting beautiful sunsets over the water, with drinks and bitings in hand. For those who simply want to relax and enjoy an oasis of peace and tranquility, there are miles of white beaches to walk on, or, warm aquamarine colored seas to swim in.

Corporate & Conferencing Tourism

One of Kenya's leading entrepreneurs recently commented that conference tourism should lead the way in developing and growing Kenya's' tourist industry into a global corporate conference destination. He was right! Kenya with its classy hotels and resorts lining beautiful white sandy beaches and aquamarine blue seas, alongside world famous game lodges, national parks and Game Reserves, offers a wide selection of venues for group and conference tourism. Most of the larger Hotels and Game lodges have conference facilities equipped with comfortably appointed furniture, LCD projectors with large wall screens, giant 40 inch Plasma TV screens, DVD players, Wi-fi and desktop computers. What better way to take a breathe of fresh air away from work, than to head out on a fishing trip or a Game drive.

Television Documentaries

Kenya for many years has been regarded as the Mecca for documentary filmmakers who have been attracted to its rich array of wildlife, stunning scenery and diverse cultures. Our experts have over 20 years experience in the industry and have worked alongside many of the big production companies such as BBC, National Geographic, Electric Sky, Tigress and Discovery channel. We can provide logistical support and accommodation in the form of tented mobile camps, Game lodges or hotels. We can also source and hire in local professional film crews, cameras and film accessories, 4WD camera cars with experienced drivers, (cars all have roof and door camera mounts), and specialized naturalists guides who have an intimate knowledge of the country, its people and its wildlife.